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How to Keep from Setting Yourself on Fire

by Speaking of Fire | Episode 1

Episode 1

December 14th, 2016

Join us and Research Engineer Dan Madrzykowski as he discusses what fire is, the nature of fire, and why fire behaves the way it does; having that understanding allows investigators to determine the cause of the fire, including arson which is a prosecutable crime. He’ll also answer questions about the most common causes of holiday season fires and how to prevent them.

Dry Christmas Tree vs. Watered Christmas Tree

Featured Experts

Dan Madrzykowski

Daniel Madrzykowski , Research Engineer UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute Throughout his career, Dan has been conducting fire investigation related studies in a wide range of areas including; fire fighter line of duty deaths, the post-earthquake fires in Kobe,...

Donna R Ingram

Donna Ingram has been in the insurance industry for 28 years. She has worked as an insurance agent, fire and fraud investigator in claims, and currently as a manager over operations, vendor vetting, claims coordination and recruitment. She liaisons between SIU,...

Michael A Schlatman

Michael Schlatman President of Fire Consulting & Case Review International & FireAnalysis.Net. Has numerous years of fire experience. He peer reviews fire investigation reports for other organizations. He is a Past President of the International Association Arson of...